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We assume you’ve already looked at the LMU website to find out  more about your chosen degree program, or have taken a look at the
Master’s degree programs we offer in English, and that you’d now like to apply for a place.

This navigator will help to point you in the right direction!

Please answer the following questions carefully so that we can direct you to the responsible departments/offices and explain what you need to do next.

Please note: For technical reasons, you will not be able to correct your details once the process starts running. If you need to change your details, don’t press the “back” button in your browser or attempt to swipe back to the last page. Instead, click “Start over” and restart the navigator.

Please note that the navigator is not suitable for exchange students from partner universities (Erasmus+, LMUexchange). There is a dedicated website for exchange students.

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If you have more than one nationality, please read the supplementary notes/instructions.

You hold dual citizenship? The following rules govern where and subject to which conditions you will need to apply:
•    Dual citizenship for Germany and an EU/EEA country or Germany and a non-EU/EEA country: You are considered to be German, and can apply as a German citizen.
•    Dual citizenship EU/EEA country and EU/EEA country or EU/EEA country and non-EU/EEA country: You are considered to be an EU/EEA citizen and can apply as an EU/EEA citizen.
•    Dual citizenship non-EU/EEA country and non-EU/EEA country: You are considered to be a non-EU/EEA citizen. You will need to apply as a non-EU/EEA citizen.

Classification as German applicant

•    Family members of a EU/EEA (non-German) citizen who are resident in the Federal Republic of Germany fall into the same admission class as German applicants, provided said citizen lives and is employed in the Federal Republic of Germany. You are considered to be German, and can apply as a German citizen.

Do you have more than one university entrance qualification? If you are in possession of type 1 and/or
type 2, please select one of these two types, and ignore options 3 to 8. If you are not in possession of a type 1 or type 2 qualification, please see options 3 to 7 and select your most recently acquired qualification. You can refer to the Anabin website to find out whether your school leaving qualifications and/or your higher education course qualifies you to embark on a degree program at a German university.

This category includes: A German university entrance qualification obtained at a German school abroad, a “Qualifizierter Berufsabschluss” obtained in Germany, and the “European Baccalaureate”.

An university entrance qualification which is obtained in a non-German educational system. Please select this category also, if you had started a study program abroad without having graduated.

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